Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flower Pails

The last two nights I have stayed up way too late working on craft projects. Here is what I have to show for it:

Pail #1

Back of flowers

Eyelets on the pail

Pail #2

Paper Garden B&T Duos flower

Paper Garden
Friendship Blessings
Blush, Petal, Honey, Sweet Leaf
Mini Pails, Natural Wood Fiber (Cost Plus World Market)
Chipboard Coasters (


jami said...


I signed up for our sbs12 yahoo group but forgot my sign in name. It will not let me register again under a different name. Can you help me?

Love the flower pail by the way!

jami said...

Thank you Rachel:) I already contacted Wendy about the swap. I joined.

Ruby Claire. said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!
Eyelets in the tin too!
Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Anna Jones said...

First I thought these were cookies, but they are paper right? What are these for? How do you put eyelets into metal? I guess I shouldn't ask, since I don't know how to put eyelets into paper too. LOL!

Elisabeth said...


Sarah said...

Brilliant! Well done. I'm doing to have to apologise for not completing my part of the stamped image swap. With everything that has happened with my mum, it just slipped my mind. I'm sorry for letting people down.
xx :0)

Viv said...

I think this is what's called 'Altered Art', not sure though.
Whatever it's called, I love the ingenuity taken to create it.
Chipboard lollipops are less fattening too!! ;)
Thank you for your lovely comment on my 'My Paper World' winning challenge card Rachel.It's much appreciated.

PinkPorcupine said...

Hey! How are you feeling? We missed you yesterday. Kelley said she hadn't heard from you since last week.

Rachel Webber said...

Love the flower pails - love the brads through the pail too!

Miss Moon said...

Wow that is brilliant! And so unusual :D

Liz x

Melissia said...

How cute! I love the eyelets in the bucket, great touch!