Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This is the first year in 9 years that my daughter didn't exchange Valentine's with her class. I couldn't bear the thought of no Valentine's, so I created a few for her gym team. The idea was taken from Jeanette Lynton's blog. These lollipops looked so cute, I just couldn't resist!

On Thursday I started the Library of Memories class on Big Picture Scrapbooking. This online class involves not only learning about Stacy Julian's system of storing and scrapping photos, it involves relearning and changing my thinking, habits, and attitude towards photos and scrapbooking. Our pre-class assignment was to decorate our portable desktop, a clipboard. Here's mine:

And now the tough part begins. I'm still listening to the first lesson. In fact, I should be doing that instead of blogging!


cmoh said...

Your clip board is wonderful! I love the words you chose, they are apropriate.

Rachel Webber said...

Love the valentines lollies (and the clipboard).

I'm always blogging instead of doing stuff - I come home from work & only plan to check e-mails, but before you know it hours have gone by!

Jami said...

Love the clipboard. The class sounds interesting.