Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lest you think I don't knit...

A good friend of mine talked about the cyclical nature of the focal point of crafts. She said for months she has been scrapbooking and hasn't even touched her beadwork, but she's confident she will pick it up again when the time is right. I can relate.

For the last two years I have been knitting up a storm. Every family member has a hand-knit hat and/or scarf. A lucky few have a felted bag. However, during this yarn squall, I didn't go anywhere near my paper arts, which seems odd considering it was my lifeline for five years.

You see, I took up scrapbooking at the time my xh and I were dividing our property, emotional and physical, in that all-too-common and gut-wrenching dance known as divorce. So as to avoid speaking to him, I jumped in feet first creating scrapbooks. In the evenings after I put an oblivious 2-year-old DD to bed, I had no desire to be available emotionally or physically to him. So, I sat in the same place on the floor, my plastic bin as a desk, and I poured my broken soul into those scrapbook pages. Looking back on them now, they were disjointed and naive, but in that six weeks in 2001, they were all I had to call my own. They were created by me with no input from anyone else, and I was (and still am) darned proud of them. I look fondly upon that scrapbooking spoke on my artistic wheel.

My goal now is to achieve a balance among my crafts. I don't want to fall down the rabbit hole of solely making cards, or knitting hats, or altering Altoids tins. I want to do some of each. So, may I present to you, a sample of my recent knitting projects...

First, a felted bag I made early in January in between Guitar Hero sessions with DH.
Felted Bag - Blues, front view
Felted Bag - Blues

Next, a felted bag I made in January also. I absolutely love these colors.
Felted Bag - Vine and Berry

And for a bit of teh cute, I give you America's next top dog model of knitty goodness, Molly, showing off a scarf I knitted over Thanksgiving. And peeking out from the right-hand corner is Leela, our one-eyed cat.
Molly with Scarf

I'm off to work on a pair of socks, my first pair of socks I should add. It is taking extreme willpower to get up from this table where I have been the last several nights stamping and scrapping. But in the spirit of balance, I am going to the couch to knit.


Marq said...

Awesome blog. :) I love the things that you make. You are so good.

Dawn said...

wow, great work!

I was reading your side bar and that sounds familar and then I got to the part where you scrap-lifted if from me - ROFL.

Does the SBS 12 site have an admin spot for us yet? If not I think they will soon if they get an admin - are you going to volunteer? :-)

countess_shell said...

Yay! Beautiful blog girlie!