Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My first challenge!

Since I'm a joiner, I hunted down some cool stamping communities. One of the great ones I found was Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers! So, I joined SBS-12, the twelveth group of blogging stampers. Currently there are only 2 of us, but, hey! We'll get some more...

Inside the SBS Cafe, I found a challenge. And I didn't even hesitate to do it. Just jumped right in. Here is the original sketch from which we were asked to create our own card inspired by the original creation. I chose the first sketch, and here is my finished product.




Dawn said...

Hi I am Dawn from Alabama. I linked you through the SBS 12 post/site.

Great job on the challenge!

Love all your creations!

Anna said...

Nice color combination. I hesitate to buy anything since I am not working right now. That is what I should do. Get a job and then I can fill up my dining room instead of just the table.
(SBS 12 sister)

Vix Kennedy said...

Hi and welcome from another SBS12 in the UK