Friday, February 8, 2008

View from my desk at work

View from my desk at work
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This is what I see each day as I look across my desk. I have only been in this office for 2 weeks, but already I am loving it! I have have a window that faces east and provides a glorious view of the southern part of the Sandia Mountains. But my favorite view is of all the crafty things! Right now on my desk are the card I made for my first challenge, a candy jar I decorated, and the desk caddy I made. And on the wall in the background is a framed, 2-page L.O. of my DD's 10th birthday aboard Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas last October. And, you can't quite see them, but I have a few idea books on the small table between the two chairs. I figure if people are going to be sitting there, how nice it would be for them to check out an idea book!


Rosie said...

Hi Rachel - lovely looking space!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and keeping me up to speed... much appreciated!
Rosie - SBS12 wannabe!!

Ruby Claire. said...

Hey Rachel!
Im a newbie at SBS12!
Im not quite sure what to do or anything but im sure it will be fun! Love your blog and your knitting creations and cards are totally AWESOME!